14 Unforgettable Days Of Photography In Botswana

Last March this photographer had the pleasure of spending two weeks traveling Botswana with his camera. A life changing expedition. Armed with 70 plus pounds of Canon gear and a thirst for adventure he set out with a small group of people. For more information on prints and other photo adventures please visit Jameslesperance.com

Photographer: Jameslesperance.com

Cat Nap.

A male lion wakes up from a nap in Botswana.

Sunset on the Delta.

Big skies and colorful sunsets in Botswana.

Breakfast times two?

A Saddle-Billed stork poking around for breakfast at Sunrise in Botswana.


Following around a Leopard on the prowl in Africa.

Through the grass

Most people picture Africa as extremely hot and dusty. Arriving in March is the exact opposite.

Get off my back.

Two young lions playing in the water at dusk. Quite possibly my favorite photo I have taken in my life time.

Slow and steady.

A leopard tortoise taking a leisurely stroll in Botswana.

Lion in the water

A male lion searches for his brother in the rain and water in Botswana.

Brotherly love.

Two male lions rest in the afternoon.

Sheer force.

An elephant ripping apart a tree to eat the bark with an extremely powerful trunk.

Full Attention

An African Wild Dog scanning the surrounding area for a meal.

Food Chain.

A motion blur of Impala high tailing it away from African Wild Dogs.

The Takedown.

A pack of Wild Dogs taking down a Tsessebe in a lagoon. One of the most spectacular acts of predation I have witnessed.

River Crossing

A large grouping of Elephants crossing a river in Botswana.