57 arrested over exam cheating scam in Morocco

Fifty-seven people were arrested for their alleged involvement in an exam cheating scam in Morocco, a media report said on Sunday.

The suspects were accused of leaking baccalaureate exams questions, posting them online and sending answers to students sitting for the exam on their mobile phones in return for money, Xinhua news agency reported.

The authorities said they also seized a large quantity of computers, mobile phones, digital kits and printers used in these scam operations.

The Moroccan education ministry, which had previously assured that various measures had been taken to combat cheating, also reported over 3,000 cheating cases during the exams taken by half a million secondary school students earlier this week.

Earlier, a copy of the mathematics exam was leaked and posted on Facebook hours before the test on Wednesday, stirring a flurry of protest among students and parents.

As a result, students were called to re-appear for the exam on Friday.