Jacob Zuma says the party is committed to ensuring a successful local government election.

JOHANNESBURG – President Jacob Zuma says the African National Congress (ANC) promises robust, but peaceful electioneering ahead of this year’s local government elections.

He was speaking at the signing of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) code of conduct in Midrand earlier today.

The 13 political parties represented in the country’s Parliament have pledged their commitment to abide by the rules set out by the Electoral Commission.

President Zuma says the governing party is committed to helping give South Africa a successful local government election.

“The ANC also reaffirms its commitment to political tolerance and peaceful co-existence with other parties. We look forward to a robust and peaceful electioneering period.”

He says no advantage will be given to any party during the election process.

“We will canvas and participate equally, as equal parties. Those who will win, we will congratulate them but we will also congratulate those who will not win.”

On Friday, Zuma said the ANC would approach the August elections ‘like an army’.

He said the ANC must be ready to defeat the enemy in elections.

The president was addressing the Gauteng ANC’s provincial general conference in Irene, Pretoria.


Meanwhile, opposition parties say while they’ve signed their pledges to adhere to the IEC code of conduct, they will be keeping a close eye on the electoral body during the local government elections.

The Democratic Alliance’s Mmusi Maimane says he’s not confident the IEC will fulfil its electoral mandate.

“As with all election expenditure, we are making sure that we deploy people who are going to monitor these elections as best as they can. I am cautiously watching it; I am not confident.”

The Economic Freedom Fighter’s Magdalene Moonsamy says her party takes issue with what they call ‘past bias’ or prejudice of the commission’s employees.

“We’ve seen from time-to-time that employees of the IEC are affiliated to political parties, and that has not been corrected.”

IEC Chairperson Vuma Mashinini says members of the police and National Prosecuting Authority have agreed to assist where necessary to make sure employees and party members toe the line.

Elections are scheduled to take place on 3 August.