At least 6 dead, demonstrations continue in Ethiopian anti-government protests

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, Aug. 7 (UPI) — At least six people are dead after hundreds of protesters clashed Saturday in Addis Ababa over what demonstrators perceive as unfair distribution of wealth in Ethiopia.

The protests turned violent when police tried to prevent a few hundred chanting protesters from entering the historic Meskel Square in the downtown area, reported.

Internet access was cut to the entire country, but news of the protests leaked out through social media, De Birhan reported. Despite the shutdown of all telecommunications, videos and images of the protest were appearing on social media pages.

While Ethiopian authorities would not confirm the death count, Al Jazeera reportedthat four people were killed Saturday north of Addis Ababa in the northern Gondar region and two more were killed Friday. It is a region dominated by the ethic Amharas.

Some 500 Oromo people protesting both discrimination and what they perceive as economic equality, gathered iin Meskel Square amid a heavy police presence, shouting slogans such as “we want our freedom” and “fre our political prisoners.”

Police dispersed the crowd using batons and dozens were arrested.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Haile Mariam Dessalegn banned demonstrations on Friday, saying they “threaten national unity.” He called on police to use any eans necessary to prevent the protests.

Opposition groups from the Oromo, the country’s largest ethic group, organized the protests. For months, they have been protesting against what they see as government discrimination. The Oromo were joined recently by the ethnic Amharas who have protested in other areas of Ethiopia.

The two ethnic groups make up the majority of Ethiopia’s population. They believe they are suffering discrimination, with the government favoring the ethnic Tigrayans, giving them key government jobs and giving them favor in security forces positions.