Attention Please! Here Is The Newest Kenyan Television Superstar! And He’s A Ladies Killer….

Last Saturday,a new face was introduced to Kenya’s media Industry. A fresh face full of buoyancy and life…A face that had braved weeks of a grueling TV show competition to emerge as the Ultimate Presenter.


His name is Jamal Gaddafi…Yes,Gaddafi. And no,he’s not named after the fallen ruthless Libyan tyrant. Or maybe he is…Hehe.

Jamal is a 25 years old super hunk with the golden voice of Ted Williams,the swag of A$ap Rocky,the looks of Jackson Hale and the freshness of

Jamal was quite an unknown figure some months ago until he stormed into the spotlight after auditioning for and getting picked as one of the few contestants on the popular KTN Reality show,The Presenter.

Jamal, buoyed by his slinky looks,sharp dressing sense,sonorous voice and ebullient smile,entered the competition sure of not just breezing his way through to the finals but also ultimately clinching the crown…And walking away as a winner. And sure enough, this sleek fashionista blew away the judges so much so that,on 30thMay 2015,at a fun-filled, confetti-flooded,albeit tense Final Live Show on KTN,Jamal was declared the Winner Of The Presenter show…In The Entertainment category.

After the sweet victory,Jamal set out straight to work…And he’s the freshest face-and voice-on our TV screens now.

Jamal,a ladies killer and a clear Judges’ favorite was born in Malindi but after 12 years,he moved to Kitui from where he finished his Primary and Secondary education before moving to Nairobi and did Public Relations at Graffins College and later Joined KEMU University from where he is still pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Arts and Journalism course. Currently, Jamal is a third year student.

Growing up,Jamal used to play football…And it’s the one sport he totally loved and adores with all his heart. Actually,his prowess in football was so good that his friends had nicknamed him BAROS after a Liverpool player before been nicknamed Didier Gadda yet again after the Ivorian football legend. And that still explains why Jamal is a diehard Chelsea fan…

This new spanking TV superstar spends his spare time traveling, swimming, going out with pals ,making new friends and playing Play Station.

Jamal’s greatest dislikes is being misunderstood (Awww),being judged by his appearance and actually prefers to be judged by his family and friends because those are the people who, according to him, actuallydo know him.

His biggest role model is NTV News Anchor Nimrod Taabu and the two people Jamal would die to meet are,You guessed it,Didier Drogba and the Lord Of Chelsea, José Mourinho.

His biggest philosophy in life? When They say ‘You Can’t’,Walk Right Past Them On Your Way To ‘Just Did’. Damn,Isn’t that a good one? Swear,It is!

Jamal is also very religious-He’s Muslim-and prays five times a day! Five times!

Guess that’s where the victory came from,No?

Welcome,King Gaddafi to the Throne. Please,be a kind ruler,now…Will You?

Congrats,Bro! Well done!