Azealia Banks Takes Another Racist Dig At 14-Year-Old Skai Jackson RIGHT After Apologizing — WTF!?


Shortly after Azealia Banks penned an apology for her horrible Twitter rants, the 24-year-old took yet another dig at Disney star Skai Jackson.

In case you forgot, Miz Banks went on a racist tirade again Zayn Malik last week and was later called out by the 14-year-old actress.

We thought after the rapper’s apology over the weekend we’d be done with all of this — but not so fast!

While sharing a screen shot of a supportive comment from a fan, the 212 artist commented calling Skai a “c**n in training”:

Yes. The child is a coon in training @skaijackson

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SMH! When will it end???

But Skai doesn’t seem to be bothered by Azaelia’s comments. In a new interview with Teen Vogue, Miz Jackson opened up about being bullied by the singer:

“I’m living for myself. I don’t really care about what anyone has to say negatively towards me.”

Good for her!