Bahati and Willy Paul ‘Fight’, Again

THE beef between two gospel artistes Bahati and Willy Paul is back!


There has been a silent discord between the duo but it’s now playing in the public for all to see. Bahati has come out lashing at his fellow singer, accusing him of allegedly stealing his two songs. According to the Barua hit-singer, Willy Paul went behind his back and bribed producers to have access to his unreleased projects, which he has then re-recorded as his own.

In a long, scathing letter he posted on a social media group page, Bahati says in part: “I recorded a song with producer Teddy B, you (Paul) went undercover and listened to it then you recorded the same song, same message, same producer, even shamelessly same title, Mapenzi… Now you are going to every producer who has my unreleased songs bribing them and you get them then you rush to release them. Already, you have stolen my next new song, Maria, from Still Alive Records and re-recorded it with a different title, Salima.”

In another post, Bahati accuses producer Teddy B for working in cahoots with Paul for selfish gains. He says that his efforts to get to the bottom of the matter have been fruitless since the producer and Willy Paul have ever been rude whenever he tries to contact them over the matter.

“Bahati (is) making stories. Am shocked too. False. Everything is not true,” says Teddy B in another chat.

Our efforts to get both Paul and Teddy comment on the matter were futile as their lines were dead and our texts were not replied.