British Airways Passenger Arrested For Performing Sex Act On Herself Mid-Flight

A British woman was booted from a flight for allegedly performing a sex act on herself.


British police arrested a woman after she allegedly got drunk and performed a sex act on herself during a British Airways flight, according to The Mirror.

The flight was on its way to London’s Gatwick Airport from Kingston, Jamaica, last Thursday when the 46-year-old woman, believed to be drunk, allegedly stripped naked and decided to join the mile high club. While the airline would not specify details of the incident, a spokesperson confirmed authorities were called to the airport.

“We can confirm that police were requested to meet our flight from Kingston,” the unnamed spokesperson told The Mirror.

Police arrested the unidentified passenger on charges of public drunkenness.

Performing solo sex acts mid-flight might be rare, but drinking on planes apparently isn’t. A 2014 survey found one in seven Brits admitted to being sloshed while traveling for a vacation, the newspaper reported.