Why Did Capital Fm’s Amina Leave Homeboyz Radio? Was It Because She Dated Her Boss? Here Is the Truth


After four years of hosting Hits not Homework, Joey Muthengi handed in her resignation in March 2013 and Capital F.M embarked on a quest to find their next big host.

‘Hits Not Homework’ is one of the most popular shows on Capital so the next host had COLOSSAL shoes to fill .We are talking Jimmy Gathu–Eve D’Souza kind of shoes. Shoes big enough to send your blood pressure soaring to the roof.

The woman chosen for that job was Homeboyz Radio’s Amina Abdi and Amina left her job for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Given that she dated her boss, many suspected that she left the station because of that, because she apparently feared looking like the ‘favored’ one.