Capitol Hill on lockdown after shooting outside, suspicious package found


The US Capitol has been placed on lockdown after reports a protester shot himself on the building’s steps. Police confirm shooting occurred, but do not comment on the possible suicide. A suspicious package has also been found at the scene.

The suspected shooter has been “neutralized,” but the Capitol was locked down as a precautionary measure, Capitol Police spokeswoman Sgt. Kimberly Schneider said.

US Capitol Police are locking down the US Capitol Building and the Capitol Visitor Center due to a potential security threat,” said Schneider. “No one will be allowed to enter or exit the US Capitol Building and the Capitol Visitors Center.

Police are also investigating a suspicious package left on the lower west terrace of the building.

An unnamed official has told NBC that there are no indications that the incident was terror related.

NBC Washington reports that the alleged gunman shot himself and that the package under investigation is a suitcase left nearby. Police are also reportedly searching the man’s car.

Twitter users say the shot man was a protester. They say he was holding up a placard, which read “Tax the 1 percent.”

According to ABC news, the man was wearing a blue backpack and had a sign taped to his hand.

None of these reports have yet been confirmed by the authorities.

The incident occurred on a Saturday and Congress is out of session this week, so few lawmakers were in town.