Chibok girls’ kidnap: Mothers point fingers at vice-principal


A mother of the missing Chibok girls has alleged that the Vice Principal of the secondary school, Yerima Banjiri knows more than meet the eye on the abduction of their children early last year.

Speaking to Sahara reporters, one of the victim’s mother, Mariam Abubakar claimed that the principal had threatened the girls a day before they were kidnapped.

She said, the VP had told the girls that anyone of them who failed to sleep in the school the night of the abduction would be expelled.

“A week before their abductions, Malam Yerima threatened the students not to leave for their various homes. He said that whoever went home should forget she was ever a student at the school. He told the girls that none of them should go home, that they must sleep in the school. However, none of the teachers’ daughters or even the daughters of the management staff was among those kidnapped. Only the children of we poor people were asked to sleep in the school. The [teachers and administrators] had kept their children in safer places before Boko Haram arrived.

“Our concern is that since the day of [the girls’] abduction, we have never set our eyes on Malam Yerima. He is on run,” Ms Abubakar said.

However, a concern father of one of the girls also revealed that they have lost confidence on the Federal Government as they haven’t taken the appropriate measures to investigate the school teachers.

“We have lost confidence in the Nigerian government, and their reaction to our missing children. Nobody asked any questions to the teachers. In fact, they are moving free in cities. Why has the government not investigated any of the teachers?” he asked.

Another concerned parent revealed that, they had been warned not to speak on their suspicion towards the Vice principle and other bodies of the school, but added that they are tired of waiting as nothing reasonable has been done to rescue the girls from their captive.