Chinese celebs attending Shanghai film fest escape airport blast


Photo: AFP, Instagram

A number of Chinese actors were stranded in Shanghai after the bombing incident at Pudong airport yesterday afternoon (Sunday).

Many celebrities had flown earlier to the city to attend the opening of Shanghai International Film Festival. Some were delayed at the airport before they could return home or journey to their next destination, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

Hong Kong actor Julian Cheng and actress Ada Choi were at the airport when the blast occurred after a 29-year-old man with heavy debts from online gambling threw a beer bottle packed with explosives near a check-in counter in Terminal Two.

Fortunately, the two were unhurt as they were not near the scene. Both managed to catch a flight back to Hong Kong last night.

Choi broke into smiles when she was met at the airport by her husband Zhang Jin, the media reported.

Hong Kong actor Bowie Lam was also at the airport during the incident but he escaped the ordeal as he was already boarding a departing flight.

Actor Chow Yuen Fat and his wife, who was supposed to leave yesterday, decided to remain at a hotel to avoid any inconvenience at the airport. They changed their flights to depart today.

In the airport incident, the suspect slashed his own neck after hurling his homemade explosive, injuring four people. A few flights were affected as the blast disrupted the check-in area.

The airport later returned to normal operation.