College students in Kisii decry runaway rental cost

College students in Kisii town and its environs are now crying foul over the constant escalation of accommodation costs.



A residential building under construction in Kisii. College students in Kisii say they are forced to share single rooms with up to four people in order to raise the high rent rates demanded by area landlords. [Wycliffe Mongare/]

The students say high rent rates charged by landlords in the area has forced many of them to live in low end hostels and rental houses whose environment they say is not conducive for learning.

According to Isaac Ayiecha, a self sponsored student at Kisii University, they have been undergoing tough times due to lack of enough hostels at the university.

“The few found near the campus are very expensive. Most of our parents cannot afford to pay such amounts yet they are still paying very large amounts in school fees,” he said

He added that this has forced them to live in low-end estates like Jogoo where the cheapest rates stand at Sh3,500 for a single mabati house.

“When I came in Kisii town as a first year we used to get houses easily and at a cheaper price compared to now when we can’t even afford paying because currently a single room in a private hostel has gone up to Sh6,000 per month,” he lamented.

Another student in a Kisii based college, Ambrose Milayi says he has been forced to share a single room with three other students due to the high costs.