Comedian Chipukeezy sensationally thrills fans in Rwanda


After thrilling Dubai a month ago, fast-rising comedian Chipukeezy hit Rwanda with a thrill as thousands attended his rib-cracking concert over the weekend. The concert, which was held at the Serena Hotel in Kigali, was packed to capacity and throughout the session, Chipukeezy was not short of punch-lines and the crowd could not get enough of him.

“This is one of my greatest shows ever. Dubai was quite a big one but Rwanda was the real celebration. I thank God my fan-base is real big here,” Chipukeezy said. During the show a fan stood up and took the microphone and told Chipukeezy that he looked like a hammer since he is “short and has a big head”.

“Most of those who attended the show were not even Kenyans. That was the most unique thing about it,” he added. The stand-up comedy show was the second in the comedian’s world tour that is sponsored by ABC Bank.

Among those who congratulated Chipukeezy for hosting such a big show was Nigerian comedian Basket Mouth.