Commuters stranded after NTSA cancelled licences for 733 Embassava Sacco matatus

Embakasi and Pipeline commuters were on Thursday stranded after NTSA suspended Embassava Sacco buses following an accident that left two people dead on June 18.

The commuters claim they are being overcharged by the few available matatu operators from other saccos.

“We normally pay around Sh50 in the morning but today things have changed. It is now up to Sh70 with other matatus demanding for a stretch of Sh100,” a commuter told the star on phone.

NTSA Director general Francis Meja said the 733 operators registered under the Sacco will only be allowed back on the road after fulfilling conditions set by the authority.

“We did an audit and realised that the Sacco has not signed a contract with their touts. Also, they were not able to demonstrate how they train their touts on how not to speed,” he said.

On June 19, Meja said an Embassava Sacco driver, involved in an accident in which two men died, risk losing his license.

The license will be cancelled pending strict re-testing, the National Transport and Safety Authority said.

He said the driver will be charged in court following the accident along Jogoo Road, Nairobi.

Several others were injured when two matatus collided head-on at Hamsa last week.