Contractor ordered to pull down misleading signs along Kisumu-Busia road



One of the misleading road signs along the newly-built Nairobi-Kisumu-Busia highway. The Kenya National Highway Authority has ordered the contractor to pull them down. (PHOTO: KEVINE OMOLLO/STANDARD)

KISUMU: The Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) has ordered a contractor to pull down all the road signs erected along the newly-built Nairobi-Kisumu-Busia road.

The signs, which indicate wrong and misleading directions along critical intersections within Kisumu town, have led to confusion among motorists.

Motorists who miss their way have to drive for hundreds of metres to find the right turn as the road has been upgraded to a two-way carriage with a median separating the two sides.

The most affected areas are the intersections at Kassagam and Kondele roundabout. For example, the sign placed along the Kisumu-Nairobi highway towards Kassagam indicates that the highway leads to Kakamega, with an alternative turn to Busia.

Some of the wrong signs are also placed along the Kisumu-Kakamega highway at Kondele, which indicates Kondele, Kibos and Kakamega, yet Kibos and Kakamega are not on the same route.

KeNHA Nyanza Regional Manager Michael Ngala, yesterday confirmed that Synohydro Company had been instructed to replace the signs at their own cost.

“I have spoken to our consultants who are aware of the mistake and the contractor has been instructed to replace the signs,” Mr Ngala said.

The road, which was previously two-way, was contracted to Synohydro Company and has been reconstructed into one way traffic, with works on it being in the final stages.

Right templates

Ngala said KeNHA will not be obliged to pay more money for the corrections. Synohydro’s Project Supervisor Bob Amin confirmed that the company had identified the mistake and was working on removing the signs.

He said the sub-contractor who was working on the signs had been given the right templates and they did not understand where the mistake originated from.

“Those are some of the mistakes we identified and they are going to be corrected soon. We had covered the wrong directions but the current rainy weather has seen the material used to cover them fall off,” Mr Amin said.

He said the sub-contractor has been instructed to cover the signs immediately as they worked on replacing them.

The road is expected to be handed over to the Government next year after a delay of close to 12 months.