CS Dismisses Exam Fraud Claims

Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi on Thursday gave the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations a clean bill of health in spite of widespread signs of cheating.

Prof Kaimenyi said no evidence had been produced to support the allegations.

The Daily Nation, however, managed to buy Thursday’s mathematics exam paper on Tuesday and copies were sent to our reporter on Whatsapp.

Speaking at a forum to review Form One selection guidelines at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, the CS cautioned against rumour mongering. “We should not mess up the integrity of the exam without evidence because of media reports,” he said.

However, despite Prof Kaimenyi’s confidence, the Maths Paper 1 that was circulating on social media before the exam, is similar to the one candidates wrote on Thursday, which the Nation again bought on Wednesday for Sh1,000.

The Nation established this was the same paper after comparing the questions in the original and the ones on social media.

The original paper had the following question on Page 10:

Q: On the grid provided, and on the same axes represent the above date using:

(a) A histogram (3 marks)

(b) A frequency polygon (1 mark)

This is the exact question on the papers Nation received on Whatsapp.

Question no. 23 on page 18 is also on the paper we obtained. The questions reads: The figure below represents a conical flask. The flask consists of a cylindrical part and a frustum of a cone. The diameter of the base is 10cm while that of the neck is 2cm. The vertical height of the flask is 12cm.

The candidates are supposed to calculate to one decimal place:

(a) The slant height of the frustum part; (2 marks)

(b) The slant height of the smaller cone that was cut off to make the frustum part (12 marks)

Investigations by the Nation established that the exam paper had been widely circulated in Kakamega, Vihiga and Bungoma counties.

One of the individuals involved in the syndicate is in Bungoma Town.

On Thursday, Prof Kaimenyi asked people who have witnessed any malpractices to approach the Kenya National Examinations Council and police.

A total of 525,802 candidates are sitting the exam that started on October 12 and ends on November 5.

On Wednesday, exam council boss Joseph Kivilu said five teachers had been arrested for leaking chemistry and biology examination materials.