DJ Creme De La Creme risks deportation to Kenya after being arrested by US immigration officers

Celebrated Kenyan disc jockey DJ Crème de la Crème has been detained by US authorities after he was reportedly found with an inappropriate visa.

A Dallas-based promoter going by the name Charles Tall Oliver, said the renowned disc jockey arrived safely in the US on Wednesday, May 25, and was ready for a month-long tour, but was arrested by US Immigration officials.

According to Tuko, DJ Crème was reportedly found to be entering the US with a visitor’s visa on pretext that he would be touring the country, but in reality had shows lined up.

The Immigration officials at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) even had fliers in their possession showing shows and dates that DJ Crème would be fronting in the US, which they used as evidence to apprehend him.

“I have some very urgent and sad news. DJ Crème de la Crème landed safely in DFW today from Kenya via Dubai on an Emirates flight. He texted me to inform me he had landed, I told him I was out there waiting for him to clear with immigration. Unfortunately he did not go through immigration and he is being held at DFW,” the promoter reportedly said on his Facebook page.

He also lamented that a rival promoter could have snitched on DJ Crème so as to sabotage the events that were to be hosted by socialite Vera Sidika.

creme de la creme kenya poster
Vera Sidika was also to headline the show. IMAGE: TUKO

In the annual Dallas Memorial weekend, Kenyans gather together for various parties.

Oliver has also reportedly hinted that he had cancelled Vera’s appearance at the event, given the circumstances.

He posted: “We have talked to a Kenyan embassy official who has advised us. Pending a miracle, Crème will not be showcasing his talents this weekend. Any questions about Vera Sidika, ask me. She is contracted to me and it’s a good thing I cancelled her show from the turn things have taken… Friday we will still be at Murphys Mansion. Ma DJ ni wengi ma DJ sio kiasi.”

He also accompanied the post with a screenshot of his WhatsApp conversation with DJ Crème, may be to to assure revelers who had already purchased tickets for the show that indeed the performances were as promised on the fliers.

creme de la creme kenya chat
Crème will likely get deported by the US. IMAGE: TUKO/WHATSAPP

Since the development, neither DJ Crème nor the promoter has shared what transpired but it is widely believed that he will likely get deported by the US, which tends to be strict on Visa matters regarding foreigners especially Africans.

Most of East African artistes who fly to the US to headline shows normally enter with a visitor’s visa as opposed to a work visa. Since they make money while performing in the US, they are going to make money and required to travel on a work visa.

Last year, Bongo Flava singer Ommy Dimpoz was arrested and jailed it the US because of the same issue, and later talked about it in an interview with Bongo 5:

“Sikuwahi katika maisha yangu kufikiria kama ipo siku nitalala jela. Nililala jela kabisa na kubadilisha nguo kabisa nikavaa zile za orange, yaani kama Prison Break unavyoiona ile movie. Kosa lilikuwa kwamba nilikuwa naenda kwenye hiyo show lakini visa yangu ilikuwa hairuhusu mimi kufanya show kwahiyo ile visa ikabidi iwe cancelled kwasababu wao wanaangalia ni sababu gani iliyokupeleka kule. Sasa sababu iliyonipeleka haiwezi kunifanya niingie, kwahiyo wakaniambia inabidi urudi ukabadilishe visa.”

(I never thought in my life that I would ever sleep in a prison cell, but I did, complete with the orange-coloured jailbird uniform that you see in the Prison Break TV show. My offense was that I was going to perform at a show, yet my visa did not permit me to do so. That visa had to be cancelled and I was sent back home to get the appropriate visa.