Doctors find ‘virtually every drug imaginable’ in Lamar Odom’s system

Lamar Odom is fighting for his life after a “crack-cocaine and opiate-fueled” weekend at a Nevada brothel, with sources now saying that his collapse may have been sparked by the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians.


Lamar Odom with his then partner Khloe Kardashian in 2012. Photo / Getty Images

Following news of Odom’s collapse, his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian rushed to be by his side at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. She was quickly followed by sister Kim Kardashian West and mother Kris Jenner, who was pictured looking distraught outside the hospital.

Doctors are currently treating Odom’s case as a non-suicidal drug-overdose, according to a source at the hospital who spoke with E! News. The source says that doctors found “virtually every drug imaginable” in Odom’s system, that he may have suffered a stroke and now faces brain damage.

The exact kind of stroke Odom is believed to have suffered involves a blood clot blocking blood flow to the brain, and is often a result of a cocaine overdose. The insider said that Odom started taking cocaine on Friday and “choked on his mucus”.

That report is seconded by a source who spoke with TMZ and said that the mucus in Odom’s lungs was caused by smoking crack-cocaine. That source added that doctors also found opiates in the ex-NBA star’s system and needle marks on one of his arms.

However, it appears the overdose was not intentional but possibly a result of Odom’s history of drug abuse.

“The long term effects of his drug use have taken a toll on his body and the binge this time was too much to handle,” a source told E!.

Odom is reportedly on life support in a coma, with his heart, lungs and kidneys failing. Multiple sources say the overdose follows an upsetting call Odom received on Sunday, in connection to his portrayal on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Brothel owner Hof says Odom was in high spirits when he picked the athlete up at his LA gated community on Saturday, but says he became “bummed” after receiving a phone call on Sunday.

Sources tell TMZ that the phone call was related to his portrayal on the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, and that after taking the call he became “irate” and remained inconsolable up until he was found unconscious.

Odom was allegedly triggered by a repeat of Keeping Up With The Kardashians which aired on Sunday, in which Khloe told the cameras she was worried Lamar would spiral out of control after the drug-related death of his best friend.

However, Hof was quick to tell several outlets that neither he or any of his girls had seen Odom take illicit drugs during his four-day stay.

Hof says that over the weekend, Odom consumed 10 herbal Viagra pills and two-thirds of a bottle of cognac. Other sources told TMZ though that Odom was popping 8 to 10 of these pills at a time, and that he used regular Viagra as well.

While Viagra is a widely used and general safe drug, it does come with some rare side effects that can cause low blood pressure, heart attack and even stroke.

“Of course everybody’s thinking, ‘Well, maybe it was drugs.’ We didn’t see any effects of that,” Hof told E! “He was going to sleep every night, and I don’t think he was doing any drugs-although you never can tell. He was doing an herbal Viagra and a lot of it.”

Two prostitutes found the former NBA star, 35, unconscious and foaming at the mouth Tuesday afternoon in a VIP house attached to the legal brothel in Pahrump, Nevada.

“There was some blood coming out of him. The 911 operator asked them to turn him on his left side and of course he’s a big guy, so it was a big challenge,” Hof told E! News. “They did that and a lot of stuff started coming out of him. He started throwing up and they say it was a horrifying sight…Then the paramedics took over.”

According to E!, the last time someone saw Odom alert was at 6am on Tuesday, when a prostitute woke him up to tell him she was leaving. That source also said that no illicit drugs were found in the room. He was found unconscious later in the day, around 3:30pm.

Odom had been taken by ambulance to the nearby Desert View Hospital, where doctors intubated the basketball player, but he did not regain consciousness.

He then had to be taken to the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas by ambulance for further treatment because at 6ft 10in he was too tall to be airlifted.