Doping: WADA declares Kenya compliant

News that Kenya has been declared compliant by Wada would not have come at a better time for Team Kenya.


President Uhuru Kenyatta hand over Kenyan flag to captains of Kenya Olympic teams to Rio Olympics at State House, Nairobi on Friday 22/07/16.PHOTO:BONIFACE OKENDO

The track and field athletes and coaches, who are already in camp, said the news was long overdue as they knew they have always competed clean and did not understand why Kenya could be under the World Anti-Doping Agency radar.

Wada declared Kenya complaint on Thursday night and the news came as a huge boost for Team Kenya since it was under scrutiny at the Rio Games, which officially started yesterday after the opening ceremony.

“We know that we always run clean and the news from Wada has confirmed that. Athletes will now focus all their energies on training before the track action starts at the Olympic Stadium on August 12,” said John ‘Warm-up’ Mwithiga, the women marathon coach.

Steeplechase coach Boniface Tiren also welcomed the news saying it confirms to the world what they have always said: That Kenyans always run clean and should not be put under the Wada watch-list.

“The news by Wada has added momentum to our training and it shows that we are running clean. We are clean nation and our athletes always want to run clean,” Tiren said.

Several athletes also welcomed the news saying that a huge load has been taken off their shoulders and they will compete without the focus being on them due to the doping stories about Kenya.