What to expect from MWC 2015?


Mobile World Congress (MWC) is beginning from Monday; the mobile companies in order to attract more and more customers are set to unbox much more alongside the launches of numerous smartphones.

In this battle for profits between the tech companies, the focus is shifting away from the handset to other connected objects.

The world’s biggest four day mobile fair marks its beginning in Barcelona in northeastern Spain on Monday. All the tech firms are trying to conquer much and more market.

Several makers are set to unveil new ‘smartwatches’ and other gadgets.

Samsung, the biggest seller of smartphones has seen its share of the world market fall in 2014 from 34 percent to 20 percent. Chinese mobile makers are squeezing the space of Samsung.

South Korean giant Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy S6 smartphone, the larger Galaxy S6 Edge ‘phablet,’ and the latest in its series of watches.

Apple, as usual, is steering clear of the show in Barcelona, but is set to launch its own smartwatch in April.

Some Asian tech giants like Huawei and Taiwanese makers Asus and HTC are also set to launch ‘wearable’ gadgets.

Many other designers have come up with numerous gadgets that can connect to an application on your mobile.

Mobile telephones are a massive business – 2.1 billion people, or one person in three in the world, owned one in 2014, according to Linda Sui, an analyst at global tech consultancy Strategy Analytics.