Female Chef Cooks Topless To Get Men Interested In Food


This is certainly one way to get guys eating good food!

An Argentinian woman has become an Internet sensation after posting videos of herself in a cooking show format – but with one saucy little twist.

Jenn prefers to cook in ONLY her lacy underwear, holding on to her modesty by covering her boobs with items of food!

The 24-year-old cook offers “quick and simple recipes” after deciding she wanted to find a way to get men into cooking.

She revealed, “I had a male friend who only ever wanted to eat fast food, and it’s a problem many men have. But I want to show them that cooking is fun and to encourage more men to get involved in learning about recipes and preparation of food.

“I recorded the first one at a friend’s house because there was a good kitchen there and plenty of food, and it was really good fun.”

Jenn is now hoping to leverage her online popularity into a career as a presenter.

And while she has all her recipes down pat, the tricky camera angles still make it hard going for the topless chef.

She says, “Sometimes we have to make sure we film the same scene a dozen times just to make sure everything is properly covered by food so that we don’t breach YouTube rules on nudity.

“But I don’t care, it’s really good fun making the videos and am really glad that they’ve gone down so well.”