Finally Juliani Confirms Brenda Wairimu Is Pregnant For Him

Speculation has been rife in the air for quite some time now that singer Juliani and actress Brenda Wairimu are having an affair and that the actress is pregnant for Juliani.

At some point, Juliani brushed aside the speculation when he was confronted with the same question but now it is clear that indeed Brenda is pregnant for Juliani.

The singer revealed this to the Pulse and said that Brenda was expecting his baby.

He said that he has known Brenda for the last four years and that this is something they had planned for and are ready to become parents.


Juliani also brushed aside rumours that he has a child with another woman and made it clear that this is his first child he is expecting.

And now finally we can concentrate on other things as the truth has finally been revealed by the subjects of speculation themselves.