Five Thika women gang-raped in Madaraka market chaos

Five ladies in Makongeni, Thika sub-county were on Sunday morning gang-raped by the Madaraka market arsonists when they were caught up in a corridor as they tried escaping.


According to one of the victims currently admitted at St Matia Mulumba mission hospital in Makongeni, they had been working in a neighbouring hotel when they were attacked by a gang of armed young men and they tried escaping before they were eventually caught and sexually harassed.

She explained how they heard screams from outside as the residents ran past the hotel and they decided to join them in escaping the heinous act.

“We were on our duty since last evening when we heard screams heading to our hotel and we hurried out as the others were running. They caught us hiding and assaulted us, ripping our clothes off and we were all raped by nine men in turns,” she said.

Scores were injured in the incident with over 17 people being admitted in Thika level five hospital after being rescued by the well wishers as no one was available to their help from the government.

It is alleged that the goons further looted shops including an electronic shop and gas cylinder outlet in the area and after they were done with their job they were ferried again using the county government trucks which were waiting for them at a distance.

The county government has maintained that they have nothing to do with the burning of the market despite the earlier eviction attempt which Governor William Kabogo had proposed and which was opposed by the traders and local leader in the area.