Foreign travellers to use manual visa applications until Sept 1

Manual visa applications for foreigners entering Kenya will be phased out in the next two months following new regulations by the Department of Immigration.

The Ministry of Interior says the manual system that has been in place for application and issuance of visa will run concurrently with the e-Visa system for the next two months until September 1, 2015 when it will be phased out.

The online application system that started on July 1, 2015 will significantly streamline the processing and issuance of visas to foreign nationals visiting Kenya.

Travellers will from September 1 be required to have a visa prior to boarding a flight to enter Kenyan soil.

“We wish to give assurance to tourists and other foreign nationals visiting Kenya that there will be no disruption to their visa applications because the two systems will run alongside each other in the initial period to ensure a smooth transition for all stakeholders,” Interior Ministry Spokesman Mwenda Njoka said.

Previously, foreigners coming to Kenya were given visas upon arrival at airports but under the new rules, the visa application process will take about seven days and is subject to the rules of the Immigration Department.

All visitors will be required to fill for their e-visas on time and wait for approval by the immigration department.

The measure comes at a time when Kenya is grappling with terrorism.