French judge issues arrest warrant for Ivory Coast’s parliamentary speaker Guillaume Soro

Ivorian gov’t protest against the warrant


A French judge has issued an arrest warrant for Ivory Coast’s parliamentary speaker Guillaume Soro, a former rebel leader turned politician who is currently attending the UN climate change summit in Paris.
The warrant follows a claim filed years ago by Michel Gbagbo, son of former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo.
He’s accused members of Mr Soro’s former rebel group of kidnapping and torture during the civil war that followed disputed elections in late 2010.
The government in Ivory Coast has officially protested against the warrant issued by a French judge against parliamentary speaker Guillaume Soro.
Charles Koffi Diby, the Ivorian foreign minister, said the warrant was a violation of international law.
Mr Soro’s lawyers have described the move as an attempt to violate their client’s diplomatic immunity.
Laurent Gbagbo is awaiting trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC), facing charges of murder, rape, attempted murder and persecution – which he denies.
Some 3,000 people were killed in unrest after he refused to accept defeat in the 2010 presidential polls.