From serious ailments to marriage: Fortune-teller predicts Lady Jaydee’s life in 2015


This year, Tanzanian star Lady Jaydee will be a big success and will get married  to a wealthy Tanzanian man, a fortune-teller has revealed.  According to the fortune teller, the Yahaya hitmaker will however, go through so much stress and pressure and may be assailed by numerous ailments.

Lady Jaydee had invited the fortune teller to her popular programme, The Diary of Lady Jaydee where the ‘hows and whats’ of her life in 2015 was told “This year you will get more money in music: More than any other year in your career” she was told.  Her success, it was said, would unfortunately be over-shadowed by ailments and thoughts of death.

In the spooky revelation, the fortune teller went ahead to claim that the the artiste’s life in 2015 would be riddled with apprehension of impending death. Her biggest worry, the ‘prophesy’ said, would be: “In case of death would she go to paradise, or hell?” Lady Jaydee had in March posted photos of coffins on her Instagram Page, a move that stirred panic among her fans.

Despite all these, the scared Lady Jaydee was told that she would outlive the fright, ailments and apprehension. She would live much longer to enjoy her success and accumulated wealth. This prophecy’ comes a few weeks after Jaydee together with Kenyan artiste Atemi released a new video Moyo, that is doing quite well on the airwaves.