Gor Mahia Fans Litter The Streets Of Nairobi With Noise,Music,Vuvuzelas And Huge,Loud Buses (Photos)

There is a match going down today at The famous Afraha Stadium in Nakuru. The players? Well,Gor Mahia and Chemelil Sugar. What does that generally mean? Well, Absolute Disturbance of Peace. Absolute.

Trust Gor Mahia to totally and unashamedly disturb peace to the highest levels possible. Ok,not Gor Mahia the team. Maybe the fans…Most of whom are usually a very rowdy,loud lot with little or no regard for social cohesiveness and general serenity.

And today,in keeping up with their dubious tradition, these flamboyant fans of one of Kenya’s oldest and most storied football clubs descended onto the streets of Nairobi…In style. A style that ONLY they can muster. And pull of.

Decked out in their signature green and white team costumes, hundreds of Gor Mahia fans have been spotted early this morning all across the City streets…Either riding in long,loud buses-hanging by the windows and doors as usual,or simply walking around the streets and for some others,even sitting down by the Nairobi streets pavements, blowing ear-splitting Vuvuzelas like crazed maniacs.

Destination? Nakuru. And isn’t that a relief! Phew!

All across the City,huge truckloads of buses were seen-especially on Moi Avenue-hooting loudly and being driven recklessly enroute Nakuru. The fans were-and still are- hanging precariously by the windows and bus doors and as usual,making sure that they don’t just hang,but hang in style-screaming,shouting,singing,taunting bystanders and generally making the typical ruckus normally expected from a buoyant Gor Mahia entourage.

Thankfully,they are NOT playing around the City. Not even around the City environs.

Nakuru people,Oh what a busy day you folks will have. Busy,raucous night.

Sorry…in advance.