Guy On Plane Meets ‘Identical Twin’ Stranger


“We chatted on the flight for just over an hour, he was a very nice guy”. Neil Douglas, 32, from Glasgow, took a selfie with his spitting image, a mystery Londoner, on board the flight and the picture has since gone viral.

Earlier this week wexford student Ciara Murphy went viral after finding her “twin stranger” studying overseas in Bremen, Germany. The weird encounter got even more eerie when the two checked into the same hotel. Despite their familiarity, they both parted ways without giving each other their names but their encounters have been retweeted thousands of times.

We had a laugh about it so I had to take the photo. “Later that night, I went to the pub and again, there was my twin. We ended up socialising and quite a few people pointed out that we looked very similar”.

Mr Stirling, who said he was enjoying a quiet trip away, added that he had not bumped into Mr Douglas since. He uploaded the selfie underneath the original Twitter post, after one of his friends said to him: “I thought it was you, I am too confused now”.

He said: ‘It’s just amusing really – it must be a ginger beard thing’. “We had a laugh and a pint”. The selfie was shared on Twitter by Lee Beattie, who said she is a friend of one of the men in the photo.

Two men who look like one man had little choice but to grab a beer together after serendipity seated them next to each other on an Ireland-bound flight.

Uncanny the two shared a pint