I did not interfere at NPA – Mbeki

Johannesburg – Former president Thabo Mbeki has denied allegations made by Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Willie Hofmeyr that he interfered in the work of the NPA during his tenure in office.

Hofmeyr reportedly stated in his affidavit that Mbeki interfered to plot President Jacob Zuma’s downfall.


The affidavit was submitted by Hofmeyr in defence of the dropping of corruption charges against Zuma in 2009.

The Democratic Alliance has placed its application for a review of the dropping of corruption charges on the unopposed roll at the High Court in Pretoria.

Mbeki said Hofmeyr’s affidavit contained no evidence that he used the National Prosecuting Authority for his political gain.

“In the affidavit, Hofmeyr makes several allegations to the effect that during the time when I served as President of the Republic, certain people (presumably with my knowledge and consent) used or sought to use the NPA as a “tool to fight [my] factional political battles,” Mbeki said.

“After careful study of the affidavit, I have come to the firm conclusion that it contains absolutely no evidence to back the claim that either the alleged role players or I sought to interfere or interfered in the work of the NPA.”

He said he hoped and prayed “that one day, hopefully soon, our country will reflect on this and other issues with the obligatory depth and seriousness, bearing in mind that a society without a moral proposition is destined nowhere.”