“I LOVE YOU MOTHER, No One Can Turn Me Against You”, Willy Paul Tells His Mum After Ghafla Expose

This week the blogosphere and indeed the media in Kenya was awash with shocking revelations by Ghafla Kenya of a successful son who abandoned his mother and flaunted an imposter mother in the face of the world as her biological mother languished in the slums of Mathare area 3.

We literally broke the internet with that expose that went so viral, scooping other blogs across the competition and the main stream media too.

Willy Paul’s mother opened up on how her son had abandoned her to live large on a lane close to the first one. This was one of the worst narrations and accusations made by a mother towards her own son.

A mother opening up about her tribulations tells it all that it was all chocking her up.

And after the expose, Willy Paul for the very first time appeared in public with his biological mother at the Groove Awards last night.

And after that, the singer has expressed the love he has for his mother, saying that he is not ready to trade her for anything and that no one will separate him from her no matter what.

Those trying to do so are sent by the devil and do not mean good.

Here is what the singer has just posted on his Facebook Fanpage:

willy Paul