Japan’s Penis Festival attracts world attention


Revellers at a street in Japan display p*-like lollipops. They are celebrating what is known as the legend steel phallus.[huffingtonpost.com/]

Kawasaki, a street in Japan, is full of drama this Sunday (April 3) as residents flock the town to celebrate what is known as the ‘Penis Festival’. Thousands of residents are carrying gigantic artificial male parts.

According to the Japanese tradition, every first Sunday in the month of April marks the celebration of something they call the Shinto fertility festival, the Kanamara Matsurior the “Festival of the Steel Phallus.”

Guys might wonder what the hell this party is all about.

Traditions differ and you must be very accommodative to this, because these guys celebrate what they call ‘the power of the humble penis’.

Before you get more confused about this ‘phallus party’, take a back seat and enjoy a ride to the streets of Japan.

The origin of the Japan P* festival is in history. History has it that there was a very beautiful lady living in one of Japan’s towns.

The woman was the ultimate kind any man would dream of ever taking home. Beautiful round eyes, soft lips, gorgeous face, long silky hair, shapely legs and a killer body figure.

The woman got to marriage age where she was to eventually settle with a man. A demon in the town showed zealous interest in the woman as men got increasingly infatuated with her beauty.

But the woman was so brilliant and couldn’t settle for any Tom, Dick or Harry who showed up her way. She knew her taste.

The ‘Queen of Love’ settled for a young energetic man who swept her off her feet.

That is where the trouble started as the demon became extremely jealous. The demon hatched a plot to destroy the woman’s love life. He sneaked into the beautiful woman’s eve and waylaid for the groom.

When the couple married and settled in the deep of the night to make love, the demon pounced with its razor-sharp teeth and chopped off the groom’s manhood.

(Those who spent a night to watch a movie called The Teeth get this).

After the painful incident, the couple broke up.

The woman later decided to remarry another man. But the devil was hell-bent to destroy her love life due to the rejection. Again the new bride’s part was chopped off.

Devastated, the woman sought the advice of a genius who lived in a close neighbourhood. Wise men came together and hatched a plot too to defeat the demon. The idea of a steel phallus was born!

The demon was tricked with the steel phallus and quick to chop off as usual, his teeth broke.

The steel phallus became a legend. And that is why guys celebrate it to this day.

A shrine was established and it became the focal point of fighting injustices.

Today, guys flood the shrine every first Sunday of April with all manner of P-like items.

From cute girls enjoying P*-shaped lollipops, P*-like candles, P*-like souvenirs, among other items.

According to reports, all the money raised during the festivals is subjected to a cause.