Kabogo defends Uhuru over Ruto fixing claims

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo says President Uhuru Kenyatta had no hand in fixing his deputy at the International Criminal Court since he was not in government at that time.

While defending the Head of State, Kabogo pointed out that the people who need to be put on the spot about the claims are CORD leader Raila Odinga and Former President Mwai Kibaki.

He stressed that politicians should not use President Kenyatta’s name to gain mileage and further their interests.

“The 2007 election was between PNU and ODM. The leader of PNU was Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga was the leader of ODM. If there are any questions to be asked they should be directed to Kibaki and Raila. Uhuru had nothing to do with the PNU leadership so they should not ask him who fixed who,” he stated.

Odinga has pointed an accusing finger at President Kenyatta, saying he hold the key to secure Ruto’s freedom from the case he is facing.

Odinga charged that self-confessed witness recruiter Moses Kuria was known to be an employee and political assistant of Kenyatta at the time of the elections.

Kabogo further encouraged anyone with information that can redeem Ruto to use the proper channels to ensure that justice is served.

“If you have information that you made a mistake, do not go around the country telling it out to all and sundry. Write an affidavit to be submitted to the ICC so that William Ruto can be released. All these other things you are doing are opening up old wounds which will be difficult to heal,” he stated.

Kuria noted that Kenya is embedded in a lie with regards to the ICC cases facing Ruto and Sang adding that his conscience could not allow him to stay mum on the matter.

He had also challenged ODM leader Odinga to apologise for allegedly fixing Ruto at the ICC through the letter he purportedly wrote to the UN Security Council advocating against the deferral of the cases.

Kuria had revealed that he had bribed the witnesses with Sh2,000 to testify before tribunals set up to probe the post-poll chaos the wondering why it had taken long for the ICC to question him on the matter.

The ICC issue has turned into an emotive debate in the past weeks, since Kuria’s pronouncement that PNU and ODM fixed Ruto and Sang at the ICC.

Kuria claimed that the two parties, who were the main contenders in the 2007 elections, wrote to the ICC with names from the opposing party, pointing fingers at each other over the post-election violence.