Karua Accuses Gov’t of Being Biased in Appointments

Former Presidential contender Martha Karua has accused the government of failing to uphold the spirit of constitutionalism in its appointments.


Karua, who was attending the launch of the Okoa Kenya Referendum Bill by the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD), accused the government of overlooking gender parity and ethnicity requirements in its public offices appointments.

She noted that public offices are occupied by more males than females and that some communities have dominated these appointments.

“As women, we are concerned that gender parity as provided for in the constitution of Kenya has been ignored,” she said.

“We are tired of being marginalized and now it’s our time to stand up and demand what is rightfully and constitutionally ours.”

She added: “The government has further failed to balance the ethnic mathematics when it comes to public appointments. We cannot continue having one or two communities dominate all public appointments in the country.”

While supporting the Okoa Kenya Referendum Bill, Karua said that the Bill provides a chance for Kenyans to decide what they want in the future.