Kenya detectives hand over bomb scare suspect to France


Passengers who were onboard an Air France Boeing 777 aircraft that made an emergency landing board a bus as they are escorted to hotels from Moi International Airport in Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa, December 20, 2015. An Air France flight from Mauritius diverted and made an emergency landing at Kenya’s port city of Mombasa after a suspicious device was found in a toilet, Kenya’s head of police and the airline said on Sunday. REUTERS/Joseph Okanga

The main suspect in last Saturday’s bomb scare at Moi International Airport Mombasa was “secretly” handed over to France detectives.

The Star established that Patrice Gabriel Marie was among others held for questioning after a suspected bomb was removed from an Air France plane, forcing it to make an emergency landing at the airport.

A detective who could not be named told the Star other passengers did not want to board the same flight with Marie.

“We did 100 percent verification, he was the man behind the bomb scare. He was secretly handed over to other French detectives,” the officer said.

Other suspects who were grilled include Aarab Moustapha, Agier Sabine, Houbin Arnaud Jean Bernard, Taxis Josselin Joseph Maurice, Lettry Patricia Celestine Hellen.

France consulate in Mombasa Mohamed Ramazani said he has not been briefed about the arrest neither does he know the suspects, but said several passengers of French nationality were grilled.

He added that a list of those handed over to the French nationals might have been sent to him while he was out of office.

“I am not at work today, but I’m sure the list has been forwarded to the desk. Once I get back I will shed more light,” he said.

On Sunday, Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery told stranded passengers at Travelers Beach Hotel in Mombasa all individuals will be searched before boarding the plane.

“This is a universal action, terrorism is a global war. France and Kenya are partnering in this. All your luggage will be well checked,” he said.