Kenya military invests in more equipment

The helicopters are to be refurbished and supplied to Kenya by the US based manufacturers, the choppers are to be used for military transport, rescue and combat

The choppers are set to boast the military in its war against al-Shabaab

Kenya is to be supplied with five Bell UH-1H Huey II helicopters by the United States, according to a notice posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website on 16 March.

First flown in 1956, the Huey was meant to be a troop and cargo carrier for the United States Army.

“A sources sought synopsis for the procurement and delivery of five baseline Huey II helicopters, aircraft spare parts, special tools, and operator and maintainer training for the Republic of Kenya was posted on the site by the US Army Non-Standard Rotary-Wing Aircraft Project Office,” according to IHS Jane’s report.

The helicopters well known as Huey are to be refurbished and supplied to Kenya.

The helicopters will be used in the war against terror group al-Shabaab.

The cost of the choppers has not been made clear but the US army had refurbished the helicopters each at $6.4 million (KSh 650 million) and the cost could vary for Kenya.

Scroll below for video of the Huey helicopter:

Kenya military operates a limited number of helicopters, most of the country’s rotary-winged-lift capabilities are fielded by the air force.

According to IHS Jane’s World Air Forces , the Kenya Air Force currently lists in its inventory two Mil Mi-171 ‘Hip’ helicopters that were procured in 2010 and 11 Eurocopter SA330 Super Pumas dating back to 1977.

Kenya’s air equipment have suffered from ageing and constant breakdown especially the Super Pumas which have been sent for extended  periods to South Africa for maintenance.

No information related to possible delivery timelines was disclosed in the website.

1. Specifications 

The Huey is an improved UH-1D, with the Lycoming T53-L-13 engine of 1,400 shp (1,000 kW) installed, plus the pitot tube relocated from the nose to the roof, to reduce ground damage to it.

The Huey has expansive cabin, providing multi-mission flexibility with a standard seating of 12 people.

2. Functions

It is used to transport military personnel and cargo in high altitudes as well as combat missions.

The helicopters can also be used in rescue and medical evacuation of soldiers.

Some of the countries that use the Huey apart from the US are Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Argentina with Lebanon set get a supply of the helicopters this year.

Kenya military invests in more equipment

Kenya military invests in more equipment

The Kenyan government has boasted its defence and security by buying state of the art military equipment and will receive on September 2016 a drone and its launcher.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) popularly referred to as a drone will be used in the fight against terror group al-Shabaab was bought from the United States government.

The details of the purchase of the state of the art equipment that will cost the government KSh 1 billion were leaked by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)  in a report released on Monday, February 22.

The unmanned aircraft, named ScanEagle, will enable Kenyan security forces to conduct real-time surveillance on Somalia-based al-Shabaab terrorists alongside other major crime scenes inside Kenya’s borders.