Kenyan Celebrities To Know Their Fate Tomorrow!


Tomorrow marks a new dawn in Kenyan music industry. It will be the day when winners will be crowned and losers will have to blame their campaign strategies.

The much awaited MSCK elections will be happening tomorrow at Nyayo Stadium. A total of 14 contestants will be battling it out for various posts within the music regulatory body.

Contestants have been carrying out last minute vote hunts in a bid to woo undecided voters to their sides.

About 3,600 active members are expected to vote in 14 candidates eying the contested seats. The election is said to be the most competitive in the history of MCSK.

The hotly contested seat is that one of Nairobi Director’s post where two celebrities, Lady Bee and Frasha, will be facing off.

The two have been on top MSCK elections dominating headlines with a brawl involving Lady Bee’s esteemed supporter, Nonini and her nemesis, Frasha.

It will be interesting to see who will emerge as the winner. My invalid vote goes for… I will tell you tomorrow, just remind me!