Kenyan University massacre gunmen were Kenyans

The four gunmen from Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab who carried out the Kenyan university massacre earlier this month were Kenyans themselves.

On April 2, the militants attacked the university in the northeastern town of Garissa, lining up non-Muslim students for execution and killing 148 people in what President Uhuru Kenyatta described as a barbaric medieval slaughter.

The report that all 4 are Kenyans highlights the Somali insurgent’s ability to recruit within Kenya.

One among the four gunmen killed by Kenyan special forces has already been named as Abdel-Rahim Abdullahi, who was an ethnic Somali and Kenyan national and law graduate.

Kenyan University massacre gunmen were Kenyans


According to Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper, the other three gunmen killed were also Kenyan and were believed to be from the port city of Mombasa and the far western district of Bungoma.

“Identities will be confirmed once their fingerprints are matched,” the Nation said, citing intelligence officials.

Police has given no immediate response to confirm the report.

Also, $215000 bounty has been offered for alleged Al-Shabab commander Mohammad Mohamud, who is said to be the mastermind behind the attack.

Warning after Kenyan University Massacre

After the Kenyan University massacre, Kenyatta warned that the terrorists were deeply embedded inside Kenya, not only in Somalia.

This week Kenyan students has began digging a ditch to kick-start construction of a security barrier along the vast and porous border with Somalia.

The government has yet given no details about the construction, cost or time taken to complete the fence that would separate Kenya’s northeastern ethnic Somali region from Somalia itself.

Al-Shabab emerged as a Somali Islamist group in 2006 in Mogadishu. The group have recruited across the wider region.

Also, it has carried out a string of revenge attacks in neighboring countries in response to their participation in the African Union force fighting in Somalia.