Kimaiyo urges Kamama team to recall Juma’s report, threatens to release dossier

Former Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo has joined other Government leaders in defending PS Monica Juma whose nomination as the Secretary to the Cabinet was rejected by MPs on Thursday.


Kimaiyo said he personally knew all the members of the Committee on Administration and National Security led by Asman Kamama to be generally good leaders and hence their decision to reject Juma’s nomination was motivated by “certain greed and self interest.”

He said Juma is merited to hold the post, adding that the President would not nominate her to serve in a position she wasn’t qualified for. “I appeal to the Members and Chairman to recall their recommendation and re-recommend the current PS Juma to be appointed to that new position,” said Kimaiyo.

“The PSC responsible of security did not and have no reason officially to reject her Nomination. I personally know each member individually and their interest,” added Kimaiyo. Threatening to open a dossier, Kimaiyo asked the Kamama-led committee to lead the nation in the best interest of Kenyans.

“I do not want to open a dossier that I know as a senior citizen and long serving Government former official who served at a high position in 2nd, 3rd and the current fourth President of Kenya,” said Kimaiyo.