KRA seizes seven containers, discovers illegally imported items


The seven containers that were seized in Kilindini harbour, Mombasa.Photo/ELKANA JACOB

The seven containers seized by KRA on Wednesday had “illegally imported items”.

The containers were seized after the revenue authority established they were being removed from Kilindini port un-procedurally.

Speaking during the verification on Thursday, KRA Customs and Border Control Commissioner Julius Musyoki said the containers had been marked to be carrying plastic shoes.

But on opening, they found household items including mattresses, napkins, diapers, TVs, and other electronics.

On Wednesday, the revenue authority suspended four Mombasa-based customs officers for their role in a suspected tax evasion racket.

Musyoki said the seven were part of nine containers involving the suspended officials. They were implicated in a scheme to un-procedurally release the cargo before verification of contents, and on a lower customs tax assessment.

“The four suspended officers are an example of what we will do to anyone involved in tax evasion, and any other unscrupulous activities at the port,” the commissioner said.

EACC is also questioning officials at the port following suspicion of collusion with several clearing agents in Mombasa.

Over the past month, the Kenya Revenue Authority has been conducting investigations on various instances of tax evasion.

On Tuesday, Water CS Eugene Wamalwa surrendered his Range Rover Sport to the authority over tax evasion . The CS denied the claims.