KRCS, Airtel Partner to Launch Emergency App

Nairobi — The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) has partnered with Bharti Airtel to launch a public emergency information service platform that is expected to keep Kenyans up to date with emergency developments.

KRCS Secretary General Abbas Gullet said that initiative – the Trilogy Emergency Relief Application – will help in the saving of lives, improving of conditions of survivors and efficiently manage the overall aid effect in affected areas.

He pointed out that it will contain information on relief distribution and detailed advice on looming disasters.

“Building safe and resilient communities requires effective, efficient beneficiary communications. Research shows that communities who are connected and have access to timely information through all stages of disasters are more empowered. TERA is a great innovation tool that allows us to use communication technologies to deliver, both saving lives and changing lives information before during and after disasters,” he stated.

Gullet stated that the TERA system will be used to send texts containing disaster warnings, health advice, and updates on emergency preparedness and responses..

He explained that this information will be shared with Airtel customers across the country through their mobile phones in case of emergencies or outbreaks.

“The system will also be used to gather information through simple questionnaires, which will inform and improve the effectiveness of Red Cross activities,” he stated.

The Secretary General emphasized the need to continuously be on the look-out for ways in which organizations can periodically and strategically use modern technology and innovation to adapt and improve their operations.

“This year, we are celebrating 50 years of service to the people of Kenya and I am thankful to Airtel for their partnership, giving us an opportunity to explore new technologies sos as to adintify innovative solutions to make our humanitarian work more efficient and effective,” he pointed out.

Bharti Airtel Chief Executive Officer Adil El Youssefi indicated that the initiative will help alleviate human suffering and save the lives of those who are vulnerable.

“We are delighted to partner with Kenya Red Cross to launch this life saving service which will allow us to provide life saving information to our customers in real time. Kenyans need information as much as they need emergency supplies and we hope TERA will provide a vital link between Kenya Red Cross and communities at their hour of need,” he said.