My life is in danger over corruption – Cabinet Secretary Kazungu Kambi

Labour Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kazungu Kambi has declared that his life is in danger but is ready to put it on the line in the fight against corruption at the National Social Security Fund ( NSSF).

The CS claimed a clique of powerful forces who he did not name, of viciously scheming to loot NSSF funds and properties but he reassured to stand on their way at whatever cost.

“There are people who are eying the National Social Security Fund millions but I would not let them lay their hands on even a shilling and even if they declare death over me, I am ready and prepared to die in the fight against corruption until we ensure that corrupt elements are overpowered and sent to prison.

It is possible and it will be done,” said Kambi. He added that the fight against corruption requires the concerted efforts of everyone and all levels of government from the national to the county governments.

“Everyone must rally behind President Uhuru Kenyatta and deputy president William Ruto in the fight against corruption which has let the country lose billions of shillings which could have gone toward roads, water, electricity and other crucial projects meant to assist ordinary Kenyans,” said Kambi.

The CS made the remarks during a funeral service at Litein East School in Bureti constituency. Area Member of Parliament Leonard Sang, Governor Paul Chepkwony and former roads minister Francklin Bett attended the function.

Though the CS did not say by how much, he disclosed that the government would increase the money meant for the elderly and persons with disabilities under the Cash Transfer Fund.

The government currently spends Sh3 billion annual on the programme.

Chepkwony assured local residents that none of the six constituencies in the area would be discriminated by his administration.