Linda Ikeji: 15 Things Every Nigerian Should Know

Linda Ikeji is a popular Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model. She is best known for her blog –, where she receives thousands of visitors every day. She is reputed to be the highest paid blogger in Nigeria. Below are some more things you should know about her.


1. Linda Ifeoma Ikeji was born in Nkwerre, Imo State on the 19th of September 1980. She is a second child out of seven in a Catholic family.

2. Linda, who has always taken interest in writing started exhibiting this at the age of 10. She went to school and finished at the age of 18.

3. At the age of 18, she was admitted into University of Lagos and studied English Language.

4. Linda had to help her family while she was studying. She engaged in different part-time jobs to make ends meet. She worked as a waitress, writer and model.

5. Since the year 2004, Linda has been involved in the modeling industry. First, she managed the affairs of her agency and events management company Black Dove Communications.

6. After graduation in 2004, in 2006 she began writing blog as hobby.

7. In 2000s, the internet was not very popular in Nigeria. So Linda had to make her posts at a local cybercafé. She said she could have 200 visits per day and it made her very happy.

8. Linda became an extremely active blogger in 2007, but stopped hosting her blog on Blogspot by 2008, but as most domains for her name were taken, she eventually hosted the new website on

9. In August 2012, Forbes Africa dedicated itself to celebrating African women that month’s issue. In that issue, Forbes profiled Africa’s 20 Most Prominent Women and the issue featured profiles on two young Nigerian women: Linda Ikeji, as well as Chibundu Onuzo.

10. Linda Ikeji was the biggest Google Search trend in Nigeria for 2014. The name Linda Ikeji was the most searched item by users of Google in Nigeria

11. In 2008, Linda placed free ads on her blog, but now people desire to pay a lot of money to put their ads on her pages. Linda has more than 1,000,000 of visitors per month where she earns a good income.

12. Ikeji runs a non-profit project themed “I’d rather be self made; No thanks.” where she assists young girls aged 16–25 who have great business ideas and are willing to venture into entrepreneurship.

13. Ikeji was interviewed by BBC on their Focus on Africa programme. The interview aired on 25 September 2012.

14. Ikeji’s blog was shut down on 8 October 2014, but restored on 10 October 2014 around midnight by Google for undisclosed reasons.

15. In 2015, Linda Ikeji purchased an over N500 million two-storey luxury house in the exclusive Banana Island area of Ikoyi, Lagos state.