Lord’s Resistance Army commander arrives at ICC prison

THE HAGUE, Jan 21- A Ugandan commander of the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army arrived at the International Criminal Court in The Hague on Wednesday to face war crimes charges.

His detention means the world is “one step closer to ending the LRA’s reign of terror in the African Great Lakes region,” the court’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said.

Dominic Ongwen was brought to the court following his surrender to US special forces in the Central African Republic earlier this month.

Ongwen is one of the main leaders of the Uganda rebels, who are accused of killing more than 100,000 people and abducting some 60,000 children in a bloody rebellion that started in 1987.

He gave himself up after being wanted for nearly a decade for crimes against humanity, with the United States offering a $5 million (4.3 million euros) reward for his capture.