Mariah Carey Faces Controversy Apart From Divorce With Nick Cannon; Former Assistant Slaps Diva With Lawsuit

Mariah Carey’s alleged messy divorce from Nick Cannon is not the only controversy the diva is facing as her former assistant slapped her with a lawsuit.

Ylser Oliver, 49, was an assistant to Mariah Carey who claimed that the singing diva worked her to the ground and didn’t pay her enough, according to the report from Hollywood Take.

Her tasks included “answering phones, shopping, cleaning, and packing suitcases.”

“But despite 16-hour workdays and crazy demands, Oliver never received a penny of overtime, according to the lawsuit. She eventually quit the job in June 2014,” it said.

While there’s no specific amount of damages that the lawsuit is asking, Mariah Carey’s former assistant is demanding overtime pay covering 4,000 hours.

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Matthew Blit, said that his client “put her family’s life on hold” while working for Mariah Carey who “repaid her by underpaying her.”

“My client is a very hardworking woman who treated Mariah and her family like her own, working all hours of the day and night. Even celebrities are required to abide by the law,” he said.

Aside from the lawsuit filed by her former assistant, Mariah Carey is reportedly locked in a custody battle with Nick Cannon as their divorce looms, along with the division of properties.

“Though they signed a prenup, Nick feel entitled to $50 million,” a source said in the December 29 issue of Life&Style magazine, per Classicalite. “And just to be difficult, he submitted a list of jewelry and presents he wants back…He’s playing head games.”

With the divorce in the horizon, Nick Cannon is also reportedly trying to hit Mariah Carey where it hurts, and that’s with the custody of the twins.

“He doesn’t think her lifestyle is good for the kids’ stability,” the source added. “He brings up that she is a drinker, she keeps odd hours and she relies on a rotating staff of nannies. Nick knows that’s Mariah’s Achilles’s heel.”

The lawsuit as well as the divorce proceedings seemed to have affected Mariah Carey following her atrocious Rockerfeller Center performance and her tears while performing “Hero” at the Beacon Theater on Monday.