Men should marry more than one wife to end prostitution – Kenyan politician

An Nakuru member of Kenya Parliament, identified as David Gikaria, has advised men to marry more than one wife as one way of combating prostitution.

Speaking at a free medical camp he recently organized in his Constituency, the politician who has three wives said that prostitution was on the increase in Kenyan towns because women lack husbands. He also noted that if men marry more than one wife, prostitution would end because all single women will get husbands.

Gikaria said, “There are so many women in our towns who don’t have husbands or men in their lives and this forces them to resort to prostitution and this thing can be solved if only men agree to marry more than one wife.

“Why should we allow these women to suffer cold at night when we can take care of them in our homes?” Gikaria quizzed.

Citing his own example according to him, he said:

“I have three wives. Men should come and learn from me.

“I think those people who have money should lead from the front by marrying many wives. Let’s put an end to prostitution in our country,” Gikaria added.