Microsoft finally releases touch-screen sensitivity bug-fix update for Lumia 535


Microsoft had recently acknowledged the issue with weak touch-screen sensitivity on its Lumia 535 smartphone recently and had assured that an update to resolve the issue will be rolled out before December 27th. Acting quicker than expected, the company has now started seeding the update in select markets around the world.

The new update is rolling out with the Lumia Denim update for the Lumia 535 smartphone. Apart from the much needed touch screen performance improvement, the update also brings Cortana to more markets and the ability to switch mobile data on or off directly from the action center. You will also be schedule your phone updates now to a time of your preference. Stability and performance improvements are included too, as is the norm with almost any new software update. The update isn’t yet available in all regions, so you might need to wait a little longer to receive the update, depending on the region.

Microsoft Lumia 535 is the first Lumia smartphone to have released under the Microsoft branding after Microsoft completed its acquisition of Nokia’s smartphone business. The Lumia 535 has been generally well-received like previous Lumia low-end smartphones, but the device did have a major issue with touch-sensitivity that caused frustration to many owners of the smartphone. The issue mainly crops up when using the multi-touch functionality, like when typing using the Swype keyboard. The overall touch sensitivity on the smartphone is also poorer than average.

The latest update comes with the build version 02054.00000.14485.370xx and Windows Phone version 8.10.14219.341. You can check for the update manually on your Lumia 535 by going to Settings – Phone Update, or you can visit this link and check for the update on your computer.

Have you installed the latest update on your Microsoft Lumia 535? If yes, do leave a comment below and let us know if the latest update has solved all the touch-screen sensitivity issues for you.