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Monolithic System Technology Inc. (MOSY)is the teary bride in no mood to take media calls.

Monolithic System Technology (NASDAQ:MOSY) is fuming at the altar as the share price of MOSY is currently down -39.52% from its 52 weeks high days moving average and trading -52.71% below the 50 days moving average. The stock price closed today at $1,07 with a modest volume of 5,775, which is a much lower compared to average volume of 31,414.

MoSys (MOSY) has a market capitalization of $2.47M., down from $2.5M. The stock moved up 1.87% to value at $1.09 on Wednesday trading session. Trading volume shows that investors are not really interested in MOSY and no one knows what the future holds.

According to one analyst suggests a strong buy. On the other side we think MoSys has a viable technology, but it’s not scalable to the same degree

While Looking ahead of 52-week period, the mean Target Price set by analysts is $1.

Now entering into the performance part of the article on MoSys stock we should check the stock’s actual performance in the past and Earnings Per Share which is set at -0.95.

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