Mumias Sugar says it’s owed shs.241m by several companies and individuals

Mumias Sugar Company is owed 241 million shillings by several companies and individuals among them a company associated with the Odinga family.

Otifier Logistics is the highest debtor owing Mumias Sugar Company 36.6 million shillings followed by Spectre International Limited which is associated with the Odinga family that has a debt of 33.9 million shillings.

Other debtors include, Uchumi Supermarkets, Unilever Kenya Limited, Ukwala Supermarkets and United Distillers Vintners Limited.

Mumias Sugar Company has been in the limelight for a number of reasons, the most pertinent one being the fact that it has lost billions of shillings over the years and the once vibrant company has fallen with a huge thud.

This may not have been the company’s fault entirely as has been confirmed by a list of debtors detailing the various companies that have failed to pay for goods procured from Mumias Sugar Company.

Top on the list is Otifier Logistics that owes Mumias Sugar Company 36.6 million shillings. Second is Spectre International Limited, a company associated with the Odinga family which owes Mumias Sugar 33.9 million shillings for molasses bought from the miller.

Struggling Uchumi Supermarkets also features on the list owing the sugar miller 6.6 million shillings for sugar it procured but it is yet to be paid for.

Other supermarkets that received sugar that they have not paid for include Ukwala Supermarket, Nairobi with a debt of 2.8 million and Yatin Supermarket that owes the miller 319,320 shillings.

Unilever Kenya is also listed as having a debt of 2.2 million shillings. The list of debtors that is dated 19th of last month indicates that the total debt owed by sugar customers to 156.7 million shillings.

The list indicates that molasses customers owe Mumias Sugar 38.89 million shillings while water customers have 2.3 million shillings in debt.

Only three firms are listed as having debts for ethanol delivered. The firms owe the sugar miller a total of 30.5 million shillings.

One firm, that is, Y H Wholesalers is listed as owing Mumias Sugar Company a debt of 12.7 million shillings that relates to imported sugar.

Mumias Sugar says it is owed a total of 241 million shillings by several companies and individuals.