Murdered toddler strangled, burnt

Murdered toddler Cuburne van Wyk was strangled and burnt when he was killed, a forensic pathologist testified at the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge on Tuesday.

Nathaniel ‘Chicken’ Mpoku has been charged with the three-year-old’s kidnapping and murder.

Dr Akmal Khan testified that a post-mortem showed that Cuburne had been strangled.

Khan also said that Cuburne had either been burnt while he was being strangled, or burnt straight after he was strangled.

The forensic pathologist said that Cuburne was most likely not killed on the day of his abduction, August 6, 2014.

“It’s unlikely that the child was killed on the day of the disappearance,” Khan said according toThe Star.

The case has been postponed to Thursday.